I have many interests, here are some of the main ones:

  • Technology - particularily open source projects, both hardware and software based:
    • "ESP8266 MyWidget" on and as open source project on Github.
      Learning tool or a template for starting a new ESP8266 project. It contains many of the components to build a ESP8266 project with dynamic web interface.
    • Wrote and developed a complete tutorial for Web Driver IO using the following technogies: mocha, should and selenium. The tutorial contains many example test scripts and a working web site to test the examples against. The tutorial is published on personal blog and on instructables web sites. The working test site is hosted on my own web site located here.
    • Developed several software projects using MEAN stack - MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node and testing using Karma, Jasmine, WebDriver and Selenium server.
    • Developed several projects using Arduino hardware and many different shields. Most of the projects are related to the lighting industry. I use the Arduino IDE for development.
      • "DMX Tester - Inexpensive Tester for sending DMX-512" on personal blog
      • "State Machine Programming and Input Validation" on personal blog

  • Stage Lighting - Partner in an entertainment lighting company. My friend Dave and I started Partech Lighting while in high school at age 17. The business is still going strong after 38 years.

  • Christmas light show using individually controlled pixel RGB LEDs. This is my 3rd year of putting on a show for Christmas using synchronized lights to music. Currently my show has over 11,000 lights and 33,000 control channels. I also have my own YouTube channel called "The Christmas Light Guy".

  • Ice hockey - playing and watching. Currently a member of the Huns Hockey Organization and playing 1 to 2 times a week.

  • Soccer - I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain many times. While there I became a fan of Barcelona Football Club. I have a seen many games at Camp Nou in Barcelona. There is nothing like seeing a game live at Camp Nou.